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About The Association
The Florida State Firemen's Association is a nonprofit Fraternal Firemanic Association, incorporated under the laws of Florida, with membership comprised of fire service personnel in the State of Florida, including retired and associate members. Membership in the Association is not restricted to either volunteer or professional firefighters. There is no distinction between firefighters' grades within the Association. The volunteer firefighter from the smallest fire department and the private from a paid department have the same rights and privileges as the chief of a large city department. The Association was organized to present a united front for the entire fire service of Florida. It is meant to be a melting pot for firefighters of all levels.

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Visit the events page for a complete up to date list of schools, and fire related events that are happening in the State of Florida. Click here to visit the Events page.

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The winner for the week of November 23rd is Mark Johnson of Plantation.

mark is the winner of 1 free admission and Play Hard to Kabooms Party Center in Davie

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Help Support The Florida State Firefighters Association Education Foundation, Inc

All donations are used support our “Education around the State” program, where we provide FREE and Discounted education to all who want to attend and become a member. We also provide much needed training materials and firefighting equipment to the fire service in Florida. Please help if you can, if you can’t help and you are a department in need of our assistance or would like to request a class please contact us by e-mail ramick@fsfa.com or 800-883-4817.

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Florida State Firefighters' Association

2450 US 27 South
Avon Park, Florida 33825
FAX 1-863-453-7450
For Association questions email administration@fsfa.com

For questions or problems with the web site email webmaster@fsfa.com

New Association Patch, Pin and Coin are Now Available
You can get any one by making a donation.

The F.S.F.A now has a large ceremonial flag available for loan for your special event or ceremony. The flag is approximately 20 x 40 in size. If you are interested in borrowing the flag please call or email the Association to schedule. The flag will be first come first serve with Active Association members given first preference.


The flag can be borrowed by calling 800-883-4817 or emailing administration@fsfa.com

If you are not a member of the Association and would like to become one, click here for more information.