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This page contains a listing of people wanting to trade or looking for fire related items. The date that the ad as posted or updated is at the end of each ad. If you would like to have a free ad placed here, simply e-mail us the information, including your real name, e-mail address and we will post it here. This is for non-commercial listings only. Any requests for commercial listing will be ignored, any requests without a real name and e-mail address will be ignored. To submit a request click here and fill out the form.

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Caps & Helmets

I’m looking for an 8″ helmet front, to complete my high eagle helmet. It may be a metal/leather, presentation or other front. I’m willing to pay a good price for it or if you would like to have a European gallet fire helmet for trade, everything’s possible, thanks
Guy Cornelisz – 01/15

I am looking for purchase a used Cairns Sam Houston N6A. I prefer it to be from the late 80’s or early to mid 90’s. Size medium, I don’t care if it needs some work, so long as there are no brim issues or previous brim repairs. I’m looking at under $400.
Chris Akin – 11/14

I am looking to trade a New Yorker for a Houston. My department recently changed the rules and a n6a is now required. My New Yorker is only 2 years old and would hate to see it sit on a shelf. If anyone is interested in a trade or to buy it out right.
Nick Bodkin – 06/14

Wanted to buy. Older N5. Leather New Yorker size large. These are the lighter ones with no adjustable ratchet strap. I do not care about color, Bourkes, the shield holder, or any of that. Just the leather helmet and the liner. So if you have one please contact me I am willing to spend top dollar.
Erich Heyde – 03/14

I am looking to buy a Cairns New Yorker. Preferably mid 80’s- mid 90’s. Color black- size Medium with ratchet or small without a ratchet. I have a small head- 21 3/4″.
Michael Bravine – 01/14

Looking for a leather lid, size Large I can trade or buy… Preferably buy!
S. Brunelle – 11/13

Looking for Cairns Sam Houston Deluxe, large, black, good condition. Gift for my son who is a fire fighter.
Gordon MacFarlane – MACTIC110@GMAIL.COM 10/13

I’m look to buy a Leather helmet in descent condition. Email me if you have one for sale.
Robert Pyzik – 10/13

I have a 1957 Cairns N5 (pre N5a) leather helmet for sale. Original condition never restored. Served Prince George. County Md. Good shape. Asking $275 or best offer. I can email pictures.
Robert Rivait – 06/13

I have a antique fire helmet, made of cork, the badge on the front states “south eastern fire brigade”. I am unsure if it is British or American, I would like to know if anyone has any information on it. I would be prepared to sell it. I will mail pictures to anyone that is interested, I am in Cape Town South Africa. Thanks a lot.
Graham Almond – 04/13

I am looking for a used N5A Fire Helmet for trade, year range 1995 – 2007 or a younger helmet, it is your choice. I would like to trade my Cairns 1010 for it, it was manufactured in March of 1995. It meets OSHA requirements. Only 1 thing is damaged and that is the adjuster, it is fixed with black tape, still works great. On top of the helmet trade I will also send a little over $100 with it. Please email me if you are wanting to trade ,Thanks.
Mike Townsend – 04/13

I have a brand new Black Morning Pride Ben II. Looking to trade it for a good condition YELLOW: Ben II, 1010 or 1044 or I can sell the Black Ben II.
Mike Wells – 02/13

I am looking for an N6A that is useable for cheap or for trade. Please contact me if interested.
Jesse Downey – 02/13

Hello, looking to purchase leather helmet any shape email me.
Kevin W – 01/13

I would trade one of my German fire helmets or even an old historic uniform in great condition dating from 1918-1930, that I saved when our old firehouse was torn down, for an American helmet. No leather helmet. I would prefer the following: Bullard USTM6, N5A New Yorker or N6A. 1010, 880 Chicago, Conway American Classic. Please mail me for more details on the helmets and the uniform.
olger Klaiber – 12/12

I have three Cairns leathers for sale. A size small N5A from San Francisco (shield, San Fran paint) manufacture date of 86, a medium N5A manufacture date 86, and a size small N6A manufacture date of 92. All of these helmets are black and in great shape. No leather cracks or damage. I will send pictures if your interested. Thanks.
Kory Larsen – 10/12

Hi there I am looking for Collectors of British fire helmets in the United States. I am British and a collector of US Helmets. Can anyone help me out. Thanks.
Marc Douglas – 08/12

I have a Cairns medium n5a I am trying to get rid of still in good condition. Manufacture date of 2009, it hasn’t seen much heat or work. Trying to find a large n5a in good condition if anyone wants to make a trade. Please email me trying to get rid of ASAP.
Reid Colomo – 05/12

Always wanted a European fire helmet? An antique one with Brass comb and badge and fitting or the today’s Gullet with gold visor? Please contact me. I have lost of fire Helmets to swap. And I am interested in US fire helmets.
Gert Souer – Gert Souer 04/12

I am looking for a used fire helmet. Can be older. I am looking to spend under $100.
Nathan Brodeur – 04/12

I am looking for a good condition new Yorker or Sam Houston leather helmet in med. Needs to be able to be worn on calls. I have a just painted yellow Paul Conway American heritage leather I would be willing to trade or trade and add cash hasn’t seen any fire yet.
Rick Noell – 03/12

I have a new Phoenix leather helmet (yellow) made in November of 2011. Has seen no fire and is in perfect condition. The underside of the brim is painted like the American flag. I’m looking for a new or slightly used cairns n5a or n6a with bourkes and that is also yellow for a trade.
Jake Chappell – 03/12

I am looking for a Cairns N6A Large color does not matter. Used or new hopefully decent shape. Email me with information thanks.
James Michie – 03/12

Looking for a N6A Sam Houston in okay condition. Email me. Thanks.
Brian Kimble – 02/12

Please check out my helmets for trade at
Andy Lloyd – 02/12

I am looking for older Cairns helmets, in good condition. Especially New Yorkers from New York (on the brass tag). I’ll buy them! I have none for sale, I’m keeping them all.
Michael Thompson – 02/12

Looking for a N5A or N6A in usable condition, if it needs refurbishing, that is ok also.
Mike Ruff – 02/12

I have over 200 Early American & Vintage fire helmets in my private collection for sale. Many are made of leather, aluminum and a variety of plastics. Some are Hi Eagle dating from the 1800’s up to some modern fire helmets used today. Call me @ 812-592-7704.
Tim Monaghan – 01/12

I am looking to sell a N5A New Yorker. It was manufactured in 2007 its a medium and its natural leather in great condition just a few stress cracks nothing major. Asking $300.00
Brian Kimble – 01/12

Hello, I’m looking for a Cairns helmet. Preferably a 1010, 1044, 1000 or 880 in red, yellow or black. Borkes eye shields or a defender would also be preferred. Thanks.
Devan D. – 10/11

I am looking for a leather helmet.
Howard A Raby Sr. – 10/11

Have a Morning Pride Ben Franklin 2 helmet w/ amber burke eye shields for trade. Looking to trade it for a bulk or various EMS/Fire patches. Helmet is black and in very good shape… me with offers…..also please don’t insult me with offers of 5 or 10 patches…..please make the trade worth it as this helmet does mean a lot to me but whiling to part with it to grow my patch collection. Thanks.
Charlie Barnette – 10/11

I am looking to trade a black Carins 1044 defender series for a medium, black, N5A or N6A.
Jason Lesich – 08/11

I would like to see if anyone would like to trade my New Cairns 1044 Defender helmet for either a Medium N5A New Yorker (It doesn’t have to be new but must be in working condition as I need it to wear out on calls). Also either a N6A Houston leather Medium (Usable Condition) or a Cairns 880 (Must be in working condition able to use for calls). My Cairns 1044 defender is Brand NEW!!!!!! Never Worn. If you would like pictures I will send them if requested.
Tim Schmidt – 06/11

Looking to trade Cairns 1044 Defender helmet for Cairns 880 Helmet as new as possible. please contact me via email.
Tim Schmidt – 06/11

Looking for a large Sam Houston or a large n5a New Yorker. It doesn’t matter really what shape its in. I am looking to spend from $250 – $375. Email me info.
Justin Deyber – 05/11

Looking to buy a Cairns 880 traditional yellow with bourkes new or used for around $140 or trade for a black 1044 with bourkes.
Jason Abbey – 04/11

I am looking for a medium 5a cairns helmet. Please let me know.
JImmy Parenti – 04/11

I need a Cairns medium leather helmet, the condition isn’t important just as long as it isn’t a total loss. Please help, I’m in a time crunch!!!
Dustin Powell – 04/11

I am looking for a trading ‘buddy’ in the U.S. who is interested in British, Irish and other European Fire helmets. I collect U.S. helmets and look forward to hearing from you. Respectfully.
Andy Lloyd – 04/11

I am looking for a size SMALL N6A Sam Houston, or maybe even a size medium (if it is an older year of manufacturer (1980 to early 90’s). Condition and color not important.
Chris Polimeni – 03/11

I’m looking for a Cairns 5A, preferably one with no cracks in the leather and little damage to the scroll work. The condition to the paint doesn’t matter, but would like it to have the 4 point suspension like was used during the early 80’s just prior to them adding the impact liner.
Josh Brown – 01/11

I am looking for a Cairns 880 helmet(AS NEW AS POSSIBLE) that does not have the back ratchet strap. Im pretty sure cairns doesnt make that style anymore. I believe its an older Chicago FD helmet.
Patrick Issel – 12/10

I have 2 Cairns 1010 helmets deluxe configurations with broukes excellent shape. 1- Yellow 2- Red Asking 150.00 Each or trade for Black Helmet
Jason Fretz – 12/10

Lots of old and unique fire helmets for sale. View my photo stream at: to see pictures of over 50 different helmets.
Jason Fisher – 12/10

I have a almost brand new White Carins Leather N5A New Yorker for sale. I needed a large and bought a medium. Helmet is in brand new condition. Never seen any fire. Helmet has bourkes and Milwaukee chin strap. $425.00.
Sean Canto – 11/10

My name is Gert and I live in Holland. I am collecting fire helmets and have lots of them from Holland to exchange. I have fire helmets dating back to WWII and up to the helmets in use today. If you are interested in trading, please let me know. I am interested in all kind of helmets.
Gert Souer – 11/10

I am in need of a pre-impact cap 5A New Yorker leather helmet. A G5A could potentially work, but a good condition 5A would be preferred. Leather must be in good condition, no missing leather, no major cracks/holes. Preferably never drilled for borques. For use as a Parade Helmet. Looking for size 7 1/4 to 7 3/4. Thanks for any help!
Adam Burritt – 09/10

Coffee Cups or Mugs

Fire Event glass mugs for sale, or trade, for other events. Some are over 20 years old, from events in South Florida.
Lou Doucet – 03/12


I am looking for a original Hugh Halligan Halligan Bar with Chief Halligan’s signature and symbol AM + DG stamped on the bar, thus proving an original product. Thank you.
Christopher Benson – 12/14

WANTED: The Campbellton VFD needs a pair of bunker pants, size 50 in the waist, and a bunker coat, size 60. It does not matter how old they are as long as they are usable. Please e-mail or call Cathy or Wanda at 850-263-4535 to arrange for shipping. Thank you so very much.
Cathy Dykes – 06/13

For sale a Washington DC fire turnout coat. It is a Globe, tan, with 3 inch green stripes. It is marked with DCFD on the back. Size 36 chest, 35 sleeve, and 35 long. It all complete with no holes, rips, or tears. Manufactured September of ’91. I have pictures. I am asking $75.00 for the coat. I got it from a retired Washington DC Captain. I will not ship it to Canada or overseas.
Scott Miller – 05/12

I have one Boston firefighter turnout coat, it is the short style made by Bristol. The coat has no rips or tears, it is size 44, chest length is 35, and sleeves are 35. It has yellow reflective stripes, with silver ones on the back. It has a big “B” with small “f” and “d” in the center. I am asking $110.00, which is what I paid for it when I bought it from a Boston firefighter.
Scott Miller – 04/12

We are doing spring cleaning at my fire house house. I am cleaning out my throwing stuff out that I don’t need or want. I have a couple of old turnout coats. One is a Globe size 44 chest, 42 long and 35 sleeve, it is black with yellow stripes. Another one is a Jamesville yellow, with pink stripes. I also have a old pair of rubber short boots that I used for awhile for brush fires. I am looking for home for them, if one is not found they will be tossed out.
Scott Miller – 03/12

I have a rather large collection of old turnout coats, in boxes, in my basement. Which I have collected over the years. I am selling them 1 for $30.00 and $15.00 for shipping, or 2 for 20.00 with 20.00 shipping. They are from all over the United States. Some from Maine, New York (no FDNY), New Jersey, California, a small town in Vermont and Washington DC. The manufacturers are Morning Pride, Globe, Cairns, Jamesville and Quaker. I have all different sizes.
Scott Miller – 08/11

I’m looking for bunker jackets from different states for my collection. I am a fireman in the state of Texas.

Cavin Zugg – 03/11

I have one old alb Boston firefighters turnout coat. It is an antique alb and is no longer in use. I found this coat in the basement of a Boston firehouse. It is a official Boston fire turnout coat it has the patch on the back that has the big B with the small f and d on it a bit a bit faded but there are tags on the coat that says it is property of Boston fire. Looking to sell the coat, it is over 30 years old. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being really trashed and 10 being new, it about a 5. It has some small holes that are burn marks on the sleeve. If you are interested let me know.
Scott Miller – 11/10

Badges & Patches

Hi I’m from South Africa. I do not have a lot of money but collect badges and patches from all over the world.if anyone would like to sponsor or donate I would be grateful.I am a dedicated fire fighter with a passion for what I do..
James Richards – 01/15

Have a some Chicago Fire House patches from Engines 54, 45, 112, and Truck 30. I am selling or trading. Will not send over seas. I also have a few Chicago turnout coats, shells only, selling those $50.00.
Scott Miller – 12/14

Trading a Fire Department Patch for (2) Fire Rescue Cigars. I launched a line of cigars for firefighters in July 2011 called Fire Rescue Cigars. We honor local firefighters at our events. Since it is a fairly new line I am trading (2) cigars for your Fire Department Patch. I have been sewing them on the back of my shirt I wear at my events. Contact me and I will email you the address and my contact info. Thanks for your time.
Jorge Luis Molina – 06/13

My name is Michael Newman and I am avid collector of police, fire and Ems patches and challenge coins. I am looking for anyone who maybe interested in helping me add to my collection, Thank You.
Michael Newman – 06/13

Looking for a Lake Worth Fire Rescue badge.
Ken Fellowes – 01/12

Have a Morning Pride Ben Franklin 2 helmet w/ amber burke eye shields for trade. Looking to trade it for a bulk or various EMS/Fire patches. Helmet is black and in very good shape… me with offers…..also please dont insult me with offers of 5 or 10 patches…..please make the trade worth it as this helmet does mean alot to me but whiling to part with it to grow my patch collection. Thanks.
Charlie Barnette – 10/11

I am a Lighthouse Nut, and looking for any patch with a Lighthouse Logo in it. I have Police-Sheriff’s-Fire & Lighthouse patches to trade. Thank you for your time. Bob
Robert J. Eisele – 04/11

Hi! I am an EMT-P from Montreal, Canada. I have been collecting for over fifteen years and trade EMS, police, fire, prison and border guard patches. Interested? Let’s swap! Stay safe out there!!!
Daniel Garvin EMT-P – 04/11

I am looking for a trading ‘buddy’ in the U.S. who is interested in British Fire Brigade insignia. I collect U.S. items and look forward to hearing from you. Respectfully.
Andy Lloyd – 04/11

I would like to trade fire badges, pins and other metal insignia from fire departments world wide, but not looking for patches. I am looking for South American, Europe and Asian at this time. Have several to trade.
Clyde Chapman – 04/11


I have 4 sweatshirts and 2 T-shirts to trade. They are all in nice to excellent condition. From different engine companies in South Dakota and Washington State. Can provide more info if you email me.
Rebecca Altman – 11/11